Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Are We There Yet?

When we hop in the car to set out to our adventure destination, I try to control for as many variables as possible. Do I have snacks? Has everyone used the restroom? Do I know our route so that there aren't any trip-lengthening detours? Is everyone wearing comfy clothes? Have I timed the ride for the kids’ rest time? The list goes on. And if all goes according to plan, drives with the kids can mean meaningful and enjoyable family time.

That said, it helps to have some tricks up my sleeve for when things turn south. One trick: Wow in the World, an NPR podcast designed especially for kids. Each episode takes a fun dive into an interesting topic, usually on science or technology.

We discovered Wow in the World when it launched at the beginning of the summer and look forward to new episodes every Monday and Thursday. What I like about the podcast is that it is both entertaining and educational. It may be targeted at grade-schoolers, but I find myself every bit as engaged in the show as our 6-year-old.

The episodes are short -- 15-20 minutes -- which is good for the kids' attention span. And also just long enough to reset the mood in the car when bodies get wiggly and the end of the ride is not yet in sight. Then we can get back to “I spy. . .” and “I’m thinking of something. . .”

You can subscribe to Wow in the World though Apple Podcasts or listen on the NPR One app. In honor of eclipse day, I recommend you start with the August 14 episode ("When the moon photobombs the sun"). Happy driving!


  1. We love this podcast too! And loved the eclipse episode. Great post Lauren!