Thursday, December 7, 2017

Campbell Creek is Calling

If you’re like me, you primarily venture down Independence Blvd. for two reasons: To get the car maintenanced at the dealership or to go to the beach.

Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover Campbell Creek Greenway, which runs along a McAlpine Creek tributary between Margaret Wallace Road and Harris Boulevard. 

This quiet 1-mile paved greenway – great for bikes and strollers – is tucked just beyond the den of Independence Blvd. It’s the northern leg of the popular McAlpine Creek Greenway, which stretches three miles from Margaret Wallace Rd. south to Sardis Rd.

Campbell Creek has some fun features, including the impressive remains of the abandoned turn-of-the-century Lucas family grist mill.  The Lucas family moved to a farm off Margaret Wallace Rd. in 1935. The grist mill and dam they built on Campbell Creek were used to grind corn and generate power for their home. You’ll see the remnants on your right about a quarter-mile from the greenway entrance.

Also interesting: Campbell Creek Greenway was the last documented location for Queen snakes in Mecklenburg County. They were last sighted around the greenway’s clear, rocky stream (their natural habitat) in the early 1990s and haven’t been spotted since. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Campbell Creek Greenway is a tranquil, shady, meandering trail. It officially ends at the Harris Blvd. overpass, but you can follow a very nice paved neighborhood trail another half mile and end at the Hindu Center of Charlotte.

If you have a little one, the fire station at the entrance to the greenway can be a bonus stop on your outing.

Note: There are no bathroom facilities at the Campbell Creek Greenway, so make a stop before you go.

How to get there:
The parking lot for the Campbell Creek Greenway trailhead is located at 2116 Margaret Wallace Road Charlotte, NC 28105. Take Independence Blvd. east, away from uptown. Turn Left on Margaret Wallace Rd. The marked gravel parking lot will be approximately 300 yards after the turn on your right. The Campbell Creek Greenway entrance is across the street from the parking lot, next to a fire station.

Don’t forget to pack:
  • Bikes and helmets or stroller: This paved trail is great for riders of all skill levels or a stroll with the little ones.
  • Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses: The greenway is mostly shady, with patches of open sun.
  • Water and snacks: There are no facilities at the greenway for refilling a water bottle, so pack plenty.
  • Shoes: Comfy walking shoes will do.

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