Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Giant Yellow Seesaw

When's the last time you played on a seesaw? To me, they seem largely relegated -- along with merry-go-rounds and diving boards -- to childhood memories.
But the other day we stumbled on a big, fun, yellow seesaw that can be ridden by children and adults alike.
Located on the Fowler Porch next to the Bland Street Lynx light rail station along the Charlotte Rail Trail, the seesaw is the work of local artist, Ben Parrish, who also built the surrounding railing.
It's made of a long, heavy construction beam and is sturdy enough to perch an adult or more than one kid on an end to even out weight distribution as needed. While you play, watch the trains come and go and enjoy a pretty spectacular skyline.

The big yellow seesaw is sure to stoke your inner child and delight the young ones.
And, if you've got time and interest in some more nostalgic playground fun, visit Edna's Porch less than half a mile toward Uptown on the Charlotte Rail Trail, where you'll find oversized swings and a spray ground fountain.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do along the Charlotte Rail Trail. Check out this post for more.
How to get there:
The giant yellow seesaw is located beside the Bland Street Lynx light rail station on the Charlotte Rail Trail just north of Bland St.
Don't forget to take:
  • Your nostalgic, child-like glee: Seesaws are fun for all ages!
  • Bikes and helmets: Consider commuting to the seesaw on two wheels. Or go for a fun stroll by foot.

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