Tuesday, December 29, 2020

McAlpine Creek Greenway: Sardis Rd. to Providence Rd.

Over the holidays, our kids each got a new riding toy, which gave us the perfect opportunity to seek out fresh, safe, paved routes for outings. 

One we recently found and enjoyed is the stretch of McAlpine Creek Greenway that runs from Sardis Rd. to Providence Rd. This is the latest segment to open on what's now a 6.2-mile (one way) greenway connecting Idlewild Rd. to Providence Rd, passing Independence Blvd., McAlpine Creek ParkJames Boyce Park, and Sardis Rd. in between. 

This new, southernmost segment of McAlpine Creek Greenway is a little over a mile, one way. It begins at a parking area off Old Bell Rd. at Sardis Rd. (there's no parking at the southern terminus). It's smooth, wide, paved and flat -- all perfect conditions for walking, jogging and, especially, riding toys. 

The greenway follows the creek through natural area running behind neighborhoods. It's a pleasant escape into nature, though the surrounding growth is fairly new and there's little shade. 

We went on a pretty Sunday afternoon and it was crowded, but not uncomfortably so. 

Whether you're looking for a traffic-free stretch to let your kids loose on wheeled toys or a nice place to take a walk, McAlpine Creek Greenway -- and the southern portion, in particular -- is a great option. 

Note: There are no bathrooms along this stretch of greenway; plan accordingly. 

How to get there: The Sardis Rd. trailhead is located at 110 Old Bell Rd., Charlotte, NC 28270. Take a left on the greenway from the parking lot to head south. 

Don't forget to pack

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Riding toys and helmets. 
  • Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen 
  • Water and snacks 

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