Friday, October 8, 2021

Wilmore Centennial Park

I love a good pocket park. Stumbling on one of these green recreational spaces is like finding a silver dollar in the junk drawer. A beautiful public oasis in the midst of the noise and jumble of urban development.

Uptown Charlotte has a number of these gems. Our favorites include The Green (425 S. Tryon St.) and Ninth Street Park (417 W. 9th St.). And, now, Wilmore Centennial Park. 

The 1.4-acre Wilmore pocket park is tucked neatly between the hustle and bustle of the fast-growing eponymous neighborhood. Located in the block bordered by South Tryon St., West Blvd., Hawkins St. and West Kingston Ave., the park is surrounded by shiny new buildings springing up in all directions (with the exception of the Bojangles' across Tryon St., which is actually the first and oldest restaurant of the chain). Here's a fun areal video if you want to get your bearings. 

Wilmore Centennial Park features a large, rolling, grassy lawn, capped at one end with a simple playground and a paved gathering area with seating. The entire park is beautifully appointed with thoughtfully designed gardens. There's also a designated "curbing area" for four-legged visitors (who are welcome at the park on a leash.) This is a great spot for a picnic, playing frisbee, or taking a short stroll along the paved walkway. 

As with many pocket parks, this is a hyper-local destination, meant largely for folks who live and work nearby. There's no designated parking, but there are some parallel street spots along the Kingston Ave. border. It's also in walking distance of a number of other nearby destinations and the Charlotte Rail Trail. It's worth a stroll over if you find yourself in the area. 

Importantly, Wilmore Centennial Park offers greater access to green space in a part of town where that's been a need for a while now and where the need will only continue to grow as development continues. 

For folks who live nearby, Wilmore Centennial Park is a wonderful amenity. Same goes for those who are looking to explore the many things this burgeoning side of town has to offer, now including, importantly, more space for fresh air and respite. 

How to get there: 
Wilmore Centennial Park is located at 173 South Tryon St., Charlotte, NC, 28202. There's some on-street parking nearby. Better yet, it's a short stroll from the Charlotte Rail Trail and other fun South End destinations. Consider riding your bike! 

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