Friday, November 5, 2021

Little Sugar Creek Greenway/XCLT: 7th Street to 10th Street

Y'all. We are THIS CLOSE to being able to walk or ride a bike along a safe, protected, vehicular-traffic-free greenway from NoDa to Pineville. With the quiet opening of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway 7th Street to 10th Street segment last week, that grand vision became one step closer to a reality. 

This stretch of greenway, located on the east side of Uptown just outside of the interstate loop, fills a key gap in the Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT) and provides users safe passage across the I-277/Independence Boulevard interchange, connecting two existing portions of the greenway (Cordelia to 12th St. and E. 7th St to Morehead). 

The new passage is also part of the Uptown CycleLink, a 6.5-mile network of protected bikeways that connect greenways into and across Uptown. 

Some fun features of this segment: 
  • A parklet at the end of Jackson Ave. Here, you'll find a bike maintenance station, an art installation, and benches. 
  • Proximity and access to nearby parks (like Alexander Street Park and Independence Park), businesses and amenities (like Two Scoops Creamery!)
  • A beautiful, panoramic view of Uptown from the Central Ave. bridge over I-277.
  • Fully protected bike lanes with physical barriers on the street portions of the trail. Note the distinctive green paint in crosswalks where crossings are necessary. 

Though this new segment of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway is short (about half a mile), its importance is monumental, representing another exciting, meaningful step toward a truly bikeable community. This is good news not just for folks who enjoy trails for recreation, but for the sustainability of Charlotte, especially as it continues to grow for years to come. 

Join me in taking a celebratory walk or spin along one of our newest urban trails as we eagerly anticipate the completion of the Brandywine (Park Road Shopping Center) to Tyvola stretch of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, currently under construction. NoDa to Pineville, here we come! 

How to get there: 
The north end of this segment of the trail is at the intersection of E. 10th Street and E. 12th Street, near Alexander Street park (where you can find parking). The south end is located at the intersection of Central Ave. and E. 7th St., near Memorial Stadium (1218 Armory Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28204) and the Grady Cole Center. The greenway is well marked with directional signage and road markings. 

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