Saturday, September 15, 2018

Stuck Inside!

I really like the concept of a cozy, rainy day at home. But, the truth is, I get antsy a couple hours in when we’re truly stuck. Those times when everything’s closed and the weather insists that we’re not going anywhere any time soon.

Here are some of the ways we make the most of a weekend like this.

Be glad, and share your blessings. As much as I hate feeling stuck inside, I’m well aware that we’re fortunate to have a safe, comfortable place to be when bad weather hits. And, with bonus time on our hands, this can be a good opportunity to consciously think about others and do something meaningful for them. Bake cookies to give to the power crew or fire fighters or a neighbor. Make and freeze a meal for the men’s shelter. Make a donation to the Red Cross. Check in on someone who may be feeling even more stuck than you, just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Make something. We love to bake, so, as long as we have power, we’ll be churning out cakes and cookies and whatever else we have enough ingredients for. But it doesn’t have to be food. Here’s a great play dough recipe. Or, you can’t go wrong with arts and crafts. Color a picture. Paint a rock. Do origami. Make an “experiment” with things from the cupboard.

Take a weather walk. If it’s safe, getting outside can be a wonderful thing. Put on rain boots and a rain coat and grab an umbrella. Or not! Fresh air can be a game-changer. And getting wet doesn’t hurt, either.

Play something. Board games are the obvious rainy day go-to. But when interest or patience runs out, switch to indoor hide and seek. Or pretend play. Have everyone dress up as something and become characters in a narrative. Host a princess tea party. Build a hideout. Hold a parade.

Switch it up. If you’ve been playing together all morning, maybe everyone needs some alone time. Or maybe it’s time to gather everyone up for a group activity. If you’ve been sedentary, move around. If energy is low, pick up a book. Or, maybe you just need some random variety in the day. Nothing wrong with taking a bath before noon!

Accept and anticipate. The house is likely to get messy. Everyone in it will take at least one turn getting grumpy. Moods will swing. The fun will wear off. But, like the storm outside, this will pass.

We all stay so busy all the time that a “stuck inside” day can be a real gift. And quite enjoyable if you take a minute to think of ways to make the most of it.

Stay safe!

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