Thursday, February 13, 2020

Center City Public Art Walking Tour

Art! It's everywhere. Charlotte's got loads of public art adorning parks, walls and corridors all over the city. And more is constantly being installed, thanks to both public and private commitments and a 2003 ordinance that appropriates one percent of eligible capital improvement project funds for public art. (Check out a list of current and upcoming projects.)  

Want to know more about some of the pieces that make Charlotte a more vibrant place to live? Consider taking a 45-minute walking tour of public art uptown.

It's easy: Download the Arts & Science Council's walking tour podcast, which guides visitors from one installation to the next, offering insight on both the art and the artist. The background information on the pieces includes helpful commentary on medium and the artist's inspiration.

Stops include Ben Long's frescoes in the Bank of America tower, the giant disc at The Square, parking deck art on South Tryon, a wind sculpture in Gateway, a Romare Bearden work at the main library, and water pieces in the government district. Even if you pass these everyday, you'll discover them anew by pausing to learn a little more about how they came to be.

Before you go, I print (or at least downloading to your phone) the tour brochure.

Take your time and go at your pace. Kids will enjoy this, too: Position it as a scavenger hunt and they'll be off to the races.

How to get there:
The public art walking tour begins in the lobby of the Carillon Building at 227 West Trade St. It ends around Spectrum Arena. Parking is available on the street or public lot, but you might consider taking the Lynx light rail into town.

Don't forget to take:

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