Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Official blazeCLT Summer “Thrival” Guide

According to the public school calendar, we’re halfway through summer. Now what?

Maybe you’ve already taken your family vacation, the kids have been to camp, and you’ve visited all of your go-to entertainment destinations (. . . several times over).

Maybe you’re feeling fatigued or uninspired. Or maybe you’re eager to do Summertime Things as your schedule allows, to inject some sense of adventure into your typical year-round routine.

May I offer some suggestions?

Below are lists some of our favorite activities and outings – something for everyone (kids, no kids, grandkids, kids at heart. . .) for whatever free time you have (weekdays, weekends, before work, after work) – all in and around the Charlotte area.

Summer may be half over, but there’s still plenty of time for playing. Go ahead, try something new. Make the most of those open weekends, unscheduled evenings, yawning weekdays, and squishy lunch hours. Your next adventure is calling!
Fun-Sized Outings for Tiny Explorers

Urban Excursions

Discover and Learn
  • Trail of History: Discover Charlotte's rich history. Great for exercise, exploration and education.
  • Carolina Raptor Center: Fun trails, dozens of species, and the largest owl aviary in the Southeast.
  • The Scheile Museum: Beautiful outdoor trails and compelling indoor exhibits.
  • Reed Gold Mine: Full of history, fresh air, and (still!) a little bit of gold.

Hiking and Biking

Bonus recommendation:

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